How to Build a Final Report

The following is the assignment for the final report that will be required from each team. Please note, only one report per team. Your report must be presented electronically as a blog through the hosting service of your choice. You can place all the information below in one blog post or be creative with your blog and utilize its features to enhance your content. Refer to the document How to Create a Blog for help.

Project Introduction

The Project Introduction should contain a title that includes the name of your film. Then you should provide a brief explanation about the report and project. For example:

“This report concerns a project undertaken by volunteers working with the Film Festival Marketing Project for ORGANIZATION NAME GOES HERE.


Each team was assigned a film that would screen at the FESTIVAL NAME GOES HERE. Working with the Festival staff, and the various filmmakers, the volunteers were responsible for the guerrilla marketing of the films.


Our team included _________________ (list names). We were assigned a _________ (documentary or narrative) film entitled ___________________ (your film’s name). The filmmaker(s) were/was ____________________ (the director, producer, etc).


The following is a report on what we attempted, what we accomplished and, most importantly, what we learned.”

Synopsis and Brief History

Include the synopsis of your film.

Describe the production and distribution history of your film.

Also provide a bio of your filmmakers.

Marketing Work

What did your team attempt in the way of marketing? Be specific about why you attempted each kind of marketing. In other words, list the marketing techniques and explain the reasoning you used to market your film this way.

Were you successful in attracting interest? Did you get butts in the seats?

Describe in detail what each team member actually did. How did it work?

Be candid about your successes and failures. This report is intended to reveal what you’ve learned.


Provide a timeline of what your team did during this course, starting with being assigned the film. Does this timeline differ from the marketing plan you put together earlier in this course? Explain any differences.


A clear and concise statement concerning your experience. Conclude by telling us what you learned.

Appendix (e.g., Supporting Materials)

List everyone you met (or should have met) related to your film. You may also include people who attended the Festival who were not related to your film, like other filmmakers or people on the juries.

Provide the data on screening attendance.

Include any links, excerpts, audio clips, or scanned images of reviews and press about your film.

Include any links, physical copies, or scanned images of materials you created or distributed, e.g., flyers, posters, press releases, blogs, etc.

Include any additional links, e.g., any websites, videos (embed them in the blog if possible), pages or blogs you created, official film website, Festial website, or other resources.


For examples of past report blogs refer to the following resources:


Licensed by Randy Finch and Nick Martinolich under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. This license allows you to copy, distribute, and transmit this work as well as create derivative works. Any copies or derivative works may not be used for commercial purposes, must be distributed under a same or similar license, and in addition must contain the following language: “The Film Fest Marketing Project was developed by Randy Finch, Nick Martinolich, Sam Torres, Alex Bowser, Morgan English, Masha Murakhovsky, Jeph Alexander, and the faculty and students of the University of Central Florida’s Film Department, working with the Florida Film Festival, and with the support of the Sarasota Film Institute.”

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